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Early In Your Leadership Career…

Coaching allows you to choose the career and leadership message you want to communicate – clearly and consistently – which flows into your trusted leadership reputation and message.


A solid career and leadership message will be the centering point as you begin your leadership journey. A coach helps you discover this.

When you are grounded in Leadership YOU™ your authentic message is an expression of your why, passions, strengths, talents, and essence which intersects with company and industry values. This results in you having an unwavering confidence in your market, organization, and joint venture(s). It’s a win-win!

This program identifies the key action steps, goals, and vision for you to EMERGE into positions of influence and leadership. You need to find your courageous leadership voice. Be bold and unapologetic. Be the authentic you!

Your message is your reputation as a LEADER.

TO EMERGE STRONG and communicate your powerful message you first need to discover this secret… Quiet your internal voice (as well as naysayers) to uncover your career and leadership message. Being centered and communicating your unique message will help you rise above and overcome leadership chaos! As a leader, “The Only Constant is Change”.


Without a clear career and leadership identity, you find yourself lost without a safe and compassionate space to regroup and center yourself. This program will be your gift when you are lost among the clutter of overworked schedules, political resistance, day-to-day challenges, and trying to stay consistent in business and life.



With 90 Days to Leadership You™, discover how to be consistent with your message of who you are, what you stand for, and how you contribute to the overall mission of your organization. When you have a clear career and leadership message you are grounded in a center of calm to reach inside your authentic self and find your emerging leadership powers! The result is a peace that you are on purpose and delivering your promised message. It feels naturally YOU!


  • Who you are “being” in work, life, and play

  • What you do and what your leadership message is

  • Where you will serve

  • Why you are uniquely gifted with your leadership message

  • How you will communicate and market your message with influence

Together, these interrelated questions will be the pieces that make up your career and leadership message.


  • Do I move into a leadership position?

  • Do I have what it takes?

  • Do I make a lateral move?

  • Do I leave?

  • Will I balance it all? When do I say “yes” and when do I say “no”?

  • What does “leaning in” cost me? My family, my health, my overall wellness?

  • I work hard – how do I get noticed?

  • How important is playing politics?

  • What is my career and leadership plan/succession plan?

  • What are the key competencies I need and how do I prove I have them?

  • Who will support me?

  • What’s my leadership style?

  • And so much more!


  • Twelve, 60-minute, one-on-one, private and/or group confidential coaching calls. Once we have agreed to work together we will choose the right coaching experience for you. I understand people need flexibility these days. I am available through Skype, phone, webinars and conference calls or in person.

  • Assessments/instruments and e-mail support throughout your program. As a Certified Registered Assessment Specialist, I never use these to put you in a box, only to increase awareness.

  • A safe, compassionate space to explore your authentic career and leadership message.

  • Deciding how to express your purpose at home and work, while running all decisions through a business and market reality filter.

  • Calming and centering exercises to deepen your exploration into self and evolve your leadership mindset.

  • Clarity of your vision, values, goals, passions, strengths, personality and stories.

  • Ensuring you are communicating your leadership message in the most effective ways to the right people.

  • Deciding on both an online/offline leadership identity.

  • Uncovering new insights and opportunities.

  • A Leadership Message Profile and a Career and Leadership Strategy to be used to communicate your emerging reputation. This includes Interviews, Appearance, Behavior-Based Interviews, Body Language and Non-verbal Communication, Job Search/ Communication Strategies, Networking, Informational Interviewing, Negotiations and Labor Market Information, and more as needed.

  • Professional Message Profiles for Social Media – LinkedIn Profiles, Facebook Pages, Twitter.



You have a vision, dreams, and expectations! Don’t settle for an ordinary journey when you can make magic happen! In order for you to move forward, you will need to fully understand, navigate, and inspire change along the way, using your greatest strengths and vision: your Career and Leadership Message!

The NEW Leader is YOU!


I invite you to start now.

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Executive Career and Leadership Development Coaching

Suitable for:

Individuals and Organizations who recognize the need for career conversations for a variety of reasons, from succession planning, promotions, retirements, manager to leader and other career changes. All programs are customized and lead to increased productivity, engagement to meet bottom line results.

A Coaching partnership becomes your best - kept secret
- so you -
No longer will be the best - kept secret in your organization or business venture!

Congratulations on completing 90 DAYS TO Leadership YOU™ which supported designing your Authentic Leadership Brand message. Finding the leader in you starts with allowing your authentic leadership brand to EMERGE STRONG! For leaders like you this is a key foundational leadership piece.

Executive Career Coaching is designed to equip emerging women leaders with the know-how to navigate the invigorating and rewarding but often challenging world of leadership. Coaching ensures that emerging women leaders – like you – soar through their leadership journey with courage, impact, and energy from the very beginning. You will increase your level of confidence both professionally and personally, expanding your aspirations to a new level… your way!

This transformation into leadership is an exciting one! Faced with this new venture, you will need to refer often to your Communication Strategy and go deeper, developing your Career and Leadership Development Plan. I’m here to partner with you. Together, we create your space to be motivated and prepared to inspire and motivate others. So what do you need?

Being centered in your Leadership Brand – allows you to express who you are and what you stand for as a leader. With this key foundation, you will survive and thrive with any leadership challenge.

Many of you will find this new milestone an exciting time as we continue to calm our mind chatter by delving deeper into your authentic leadership brand. Moving unrestricted into your leadership journey brings you closer to mindset change(s) resulting in a new level of self-awareness and accountability. This is a time for us to celebrate you! You’re emerging into your leadership realm of possibility for yourself and the people you serve. Let’s continue to build your competencies and your leadership capacity and mindset.

Together we build your leadership capacity and competencies that will supercharge your leadership journey to a level of mastery. Mastering your leadership journey means remaining centered in your brand with a trusted coach. Coaching reminds you to practice your calming mindful habits. It helps you stay accountable to your communication, career, and leadership development plans. It keeps you focused on your brand promise. When you master just some of these competencies you will be on the path to becoming a successful leader. These competencies are:

    • Resilience

    • Vision 

    • Ability to Motivate and Inspire

    • Passion

    • Self-confidence

  • Communication Skills

Together, we can build your Master Competencies and more, it really is that simple!

Let me explain: 
You bring your natural strengths. Your leadership brand and our partnership are designed to communicate and deliver your unique message while building the leadership capacity you need. I want you so connected to your personal leadership brand that you can emerge from our coaching sessions centered and able to rise above the more masculine frameworks and philosophies of leadership to BE who you need to BE so you can advocate beyond what is seen as possible. Your burning vision must be firm and held deep in your bones. You need to be aware of all leadership styles and have organizational awareness but start with your own radical self-awareness to leadership capacity. Embrace your inner leader of intuition!

 I know it can be hard when YOU encounter…

    • The mandate to impact the company’s bottom-line without burning out and staying aligned with political and relationship requirements

    •  You are stretched to “do more with less.” This can produce overwhelm, which is felt not only by You, the executive/leadership team but by those who you lead and manage

    •  A lack of supportive supervisors and mentors

    • Exclusion from informal networks

    • A lack of senior/business role models that resemble you

    •  A bullying work environment or an unkind culture

    •   Failure of senior leadership to help advance someone “like yourself”. You may not “fit-the-mold"

    •  Conflicts in your everyday life, such as choosing or prioritizing family over work

    •  A backseat mentality: choosing projects that are not visible or high profile

    •  Difficulty knowing when to say “no”

A Coaching partnership becomes your best-kept secret

– so you -
No longer will be the best-kept secret in your organization or business venture!

With our trusted partnership, we set new goals for your career advancement! To support your brand as an emerging leader, we review and practice master competencies. We translate your career development plan into action!


You’ll have my support to:

    • Continue to communicate your brand as an emerging leader

    • See Leadership as an attitude, and not just a title

    • Initiate and take risks

    • Gain recognition for your accomplishments

    • Address your urgent and often frustrating leadership challenges

    • Make your value visible

    • Navigate organizational politics with savvy

    • Create a strategic network of influence

    • Gain access to hidden resources and opportunities

    • Identify and lead high-profile projects

    • Lead others with or without direct authority

    • Think outside the lines


Together, let’s imagine your next steps to deepen your emotional intelligent competencies, mindset, resiliency, and self- awareness. Together, let’s harness your leadership power from the stillness of self-awareness.

You established your brand as an emerging leader and are now taking charge of your leadership path!

This is a 6-12 month program that will give you tons of support on your leadership journey. We meet weekly or biweekly (depending on your customized plan) and review your emerging competencies. Together we tackle your leadership challenges so you can consistently move forward. When we’re finished, you will have a clear vision of where you’re headed, your goals, and the action steps needed to propel you forward. I do not believe in a “one size fits all” program to build leadership capacity. We will conduct a thorough needs analysis, use multi-faceted tools, and build an uncluttered process tailored to you. We will utilize the DISC profile, SEIP profile, VIA Survey of Character Strengths and other assessments as needed. You will shift into a “possibility perspective” where awareness, curious exploration, the power of choice, and intentional action lead to the claiming of new territory for the client and increased productivity and profitability for the client's company.

We look at your individual goals, visions, and action steps. We can create a plan that guides you, step-by-step, toward achieving your own career success and personal leadership goals.

I invite you to start today!

    • A 2009 International Coach Federation (ICF) Global Coaching Client Student conducted by Pricewaterhouse Coopers, reported the median coaching ROI to be 700%.

    • A study of the business impact of executive coaching noted a 689% ROI

    • Three stock portfolios comprised only of companies that spend aggressively on employee development each outperformed the S&P 500 by 17-35%. (How’s Your Return on People? Harvard Business Review, Laurie Bassi and Daniel McMurrer, 2004)

    • According to a study of senior level executives at Fortune 1000 companies who received developmental coaching, the average return from the programs was nearly 5.7 times the initial investment. (Maximizing the Impact of Executive Coaching, The Manchester Review)


Click on the calendar below to fill out the following form and we will connect for a 15-minute phone conversation to confirm this is the program for you and your organization. All payment requirements are addressed in the free 15-minute  session.  


Leader as Coach: Emerging Coaching Skills for Executives, Managers, Human Resource Managers and Leaders 


This course is designed for Executives, Managers, Sales Professionals, and Leaders like you, who want to take a coach approach to YOUR leadership and management. In this workshop, you will learn:

  • What managerial/leadership coaching is, why and how it works

  • The tools and skills YOU need to develop to take a coach approach to leadership and management

  • How to conduct a coaching conversation

  • An overview of the leadership coaching process (including gathering data on performance, how to discuss and provide feedback on recent performance, how to develop an action plan for moving forward, how to implement the development / action plan and how to evaluate continued progress and performance)

  • How YOU can support and challenge YOUR best performers to greater levels of success

  • How YOU can integrate coaching seamlessly into YOUR everyday interactions with your direct reports, clients, and kids

  • How YOU can shift YOUR mindset from Leader to Coach

This course provides you with a complete set of materials and can be delivered in a one - or two - day training with YOU and your team. This will include PowerPoint slides and interactive participant exercises.

What Clients have said:

What are you walking away with:

  • A greater sense of self -awareness and a strength approach to leading my team

  • Demystifying Coaching - I can create space to listen, ask probing questions, show empathy and still reach SMART Goals

  • I sense where I want to go as a leader in my organization

  • The tools to start building a stronger team by modelling a coach approach

  • An overall ability to apply the coaching competency at home and work

  • A new definition of how to communicate! Amazing!

  • Confidence to have Fierce Conversations

  • Permission to have career and leadership conversations with my staff

  • Awareness of my own gremlins and fears

  • A new appreciation for my team’s strengths!

  • Being happy at work is important and it was worth taking 2 days to slow down and grow my coaching competency! Bravo Shelley! 

Click on the calendar below to fill out the following form and we will connect for a 15-minute phone conversation to confirm this is the program for you and your organization. All payment requirements are addressed in the free 15-minute  session.

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CALM Power™ Career and Leadership Mindset TRAINING

Grow YOUR Resiliency as a Leader with a combination of Emotional Intelligence, Positive Psychology and Mindfulness

“Emotional Intelligence is much more powerful than IQ in determining who emerges as a leader. IQ is a threshold competence. You need it, but it doesn’t make you a star. Emotional intelligence can.”    Warren Bennis, author of  "On Becoming a Leader".

As a Certified Social and Emotional Intelligence Coach with the Institute for Social and Emotional Intelligence and a Certification in Positive Psychology to Coach Emotional Intelligence, it’s apparent that I truly enjoy coaching this part of the leadership journey!

Over the years I’ve helped professionals identify and use Social and Emotional Intelligence as a key strength in their success. I’ve had the opportunity to see a transformation in the mindsets and behaviors of clients! I can say with confidence that this way of leadership can be life changing! Research has shown that Emotional Intelligence (or EQ) has a greater role in our success in the workplace and life, accounting for about 80% of our success, while IQ (cognitive intelligence) accounts for about 20% of our success. (Dr. Laura Belsten)

What is Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional intelligence is the ability to be aware of our own emotions and the emotions of others, in the moment, and to use that information to manage ourselves and our relationships optimally. Some examples:

    • The Healthcare worker who becomes a trusted resource by listening closely to clients’ wants while addressing fears and concerns

    • The co-worker who is able to anticipate and adjust to change by considering various perspectives and rethinking assumptions

    • The direct reporter who listens to feedback without getting defensive

    • The supervisor who can sense the room’s energy and respects and interprets others’ needs

    • The small business owner who never gives up and bounces back from adversity

Emotional intelligence will help you learn about the power of “plasticity” which is the term neurologists use to describe the brain’s ability to change. Your brain grows new connections as you learn new skills.

How critical is emotional intelligence to your success?

Research among Fortune 500 companies at Stanford University showed that 90% of those who failed as leaders did so because they lacked the interpersonal skills that are a critical component of emotional intelligence. In addition, The Center for Creative Leadership showed that poor interpersonal skills are a leading cause of derailment from executive-level positions. We all know people who are highly intelligent but have difficulty at work because of their inability to work and relate to others effectively. Unlike IQ, which remains pretty much the same throughout our lives, EQ can be enhanced through appropriate training and coaching.

Emotional intelligence can be learned! How do I start?

One of the quickest ways to gain insight into your Social and Emotional Intelligence is to take an emotional intelligence assessment. I offer the Social and Emotional Intelligence Profile (SEIP) which is:

    • A leading model of both Social and Emotional Intelligence, measuring 26 relevant and distinct social and emotional intelligence competencies

    • A model used by over 75% of Fortune 500 companies

    • A highly accurate, valid, and reliable measure. A third-party evaluation team stated the SEIP is “the most valid and reliable instrument we’ve seen in over 8 years of doing this work!” (Dr. Laura Belsten)

    • Administered electronically to be quick, easy to use, and easy to understand

    • An assessment report describing, in behavioral terms, what Social and Emotional Intelligence skills look like when an individual has them and when they do not

    • The result of evidence - based design and development (over 10 years by Dr. Laura Belsten)

    • Provides developmental suggestions for coaches and the individual being coached, including action steps and plans


The Business Case for Emotional Intelligence – A recent series of landmark studies shows that it’s not how “book smart” you are, but how “people smart” you are that makes the difference. Consider the following research findings * :

    • Emotional intelligence has a greater role in our success in the workplace and life,

    • accounting for about 80-90% of our success while IQ (cognitive intelligence) accounts for about 10-20% of our success.

    • The higher an executive goes in an organization, the more important Emotional Intelligence becomes. At the top, researchers believe that 90-95% of success is driven by Emotional Intelligence.

    • Unlike IQ, Emotional Intelligence can be learned and developed. Research shows that Emotional Intelligence increases with age. In fact, people in their 40s and 50s have greater Emotional Intelligence skills than they had earlier in their lives.

    • Research by the Center for Creative Leadership demonstrates that almost half of all executives fail at their positions within two years. The reason is not a lack of technical competence or cognitive ability, but a lack of Emotional Intelligence competencies (e.g., interpersonal skills, sensitivity, conflict resolution, and emotional awareness of others).

    • The Air Force, which used emotional intelligence assessment instruments to select recruiters, found a three-fold increase in the success of high Emotional Intelligence recruiters resulting in an immediate saving of $3 million annually.

    • Partners in a multi-national consulting firm were assessed on their Emotional Intelligence competencies. Those who scored above the median on 9 or more of 20 competencies delivered $1.2 million more profit from their accounts than did other partners – a 139% incremental gain.

    • L’Oréal, whose sales agents were selected on the basis of emotional competencies, outsold their counterparts not selected on Emotional Intelligence competencies by $91,370 (a net increase to L’Oréal of $2,558,360 the first year the program was implemented). Those selected on the basis of emotional competencies also had 63% lower turnover during the first year than those selected by the usual means.

    • In a national insurance company, insurance agents who were weak in emotional competencies such as self-confidence, initiative, and empathy sold policies with an average premium of $54,000. Those who were very strong in at least 5 of 8 key emotional competencies sold policies worth $114,000.

    • How long employees stay at a company and how productive they are while working there is determined by their relationship with their immediate supervisor. People with “good” bosses (defined as having high Emotional Intelligence) are 4X less likely to leave than those with “poor” bosses.

    • A large beverage firm started assessing Emotional Intelligence when selecting new executives and attrition dropped 44%. They also found that division leaders with high Emotional Intelligence outperformed their target goals by 15-20% while those who lacked high Emotional Intelligence underperformed by almost 20%.


* Compiled by Laura Belsten from the following sources: The Center for Creative Leadership, 1999; Goleman, 1999, 2000, 2001; Boyatzis, 1999; Cooper, 1998; Spencer & Spencer, 1993; Spencer, McClelland & Kelner, 1997; and Cherniss, 2001. Organizations wanting to compete effectively in today’s marketplace have to have the most emotionally intelligent workforce possible. To get to the next level in business, we must blend the progress we’ve made in using intellect with the invaluable competencies of Emotional Intelligence. It is Emotional Intelligence that will solve our retention and morale problems, improve our creativity, create synergy from teamwork, speed information by way of sophisticated people networks, drive our purpose, and ignite the best and most inspired performance from others. In study after study, from many different industries and professions, those who had high Emotional Intelligence competencies outperformed their colleagues. This popular program begins with one of the emotional intelligence (EI) assessments (either as a 360 or as a self-scoring inventory) and continues with your choice of a variety of EI workshops and coaching sessions.

These may include stress management, powerful influencing skills, realistic optimism, honing awareness and understanding of ourselves and others, teamwork and collaboration, developing and coaching others, managing conflict, innovation, building trust, catalyzing change, and much more.

Social and Emotional Intelligence is comprised of 26 competencies. Emotional Intelligence coaching helps you gain the edge you need to increase performance in your work and personal life. We focus specifically on being more aware – being in the moment – of our emotions, our intuition, and those feelings that bubble up from deep within us. We pay attention to this information and use it to make better decisions to manage ourselves more productively.

I would be excited to work with you. Together we will…

    • Discover the 26 Emotional Intelligence competencies and which ones are most important for your leadership journey

    • Identify your strengths and vulnerabilities

    • Learn how to enhance your Emotional Intelligence with competency-based stories

    • Draw up your individual development plan

    • Engage in weekly or biweekly coaching

    • Use highly-interactive exercises and customized modules

    • Use ongoing coaching in between workshops to reinforce your learning and support

    • while integrating new leadership practices in the organization or business you lead.


Studies conclude that the fastest way to enhance Social and Emotional skills is through coaching. Unfortunately, awareness of Social and Emotional Intelligence is most prominent when it’s missing. For example:

    • The co-worker no one trusts

    • A colleague who just can’t stop jumping in to offer their conclusions, solutions, or opinions

    • The boss who explodes when a deadline is missed

    • The direct reporter who can’t handle stress

    • The office bully who leaves a toxic cloud in the organizational climate


Cultivating Social and Emotional Intelligence is a smart thing for anyone to do, and it’s vital for you and your staff members if you are a corporate team leader, a small business owner with employees, or an individual who wants to .

    • Develop more rewarding relationships personally and professionally to increase resiliency, manage stress, anger, frustration, and anxiety while reading other people’s emotions more effectively for smoother and more productive interactions

    • Be more intentional in life and work

    • Manage conflict and stress more productively

    • Increase enjoyment and resilience in life

    • Strengthen your communication and interpersonal skills

    • And much more…


Emotional Intelligence is linked to Performance How much of an impact does emotional intelligence have on your professional success? The short answer is A HUGE IMPACT! It’s a powerful way to focus your energy in one direction with a tremendous result. Your emotional intelligence is the foundation for a host of critical skills—it impacts most everything you say and do each day. Emotional intelligence is the single biggest predictor of performance in the workplace and the strongest driver of leadership and personal excellence.

Develop Emotional Intelligence for Engagement in Work and Life! Ongoing coaching in between workshops further reinforces the learning and supports leaders in integrating new leadership practices.

Click on the calendar below to fill out the following form and we will connect for a 15-minute phone conversation to confirm this is the program for you and your organization. All payment requirements are addressed in the free 15-minute session.