I believe Women Will EMERGE STRONG 

That by creating mindful space(s) for Emerging Women Leaders and some men, LIKE you, to tap into your radical self-awareness, crafting YOUR authentic career and leadership brand , so YOU EMERGE STRONG with purpose, power and perks-despite circumstances! I remain passionate about this as I continue to build leadership capacity and help 100’s of women do the same!

Where did this begin?

I was once a driven high achiever in the corporate world. I craved roles that were demanding, exciting and fun! In many of my roles, like many of us, I put in long hours, pushed myself professionally and personally to be everything to everybody! Eventually my life was work and despite whispers from friends, family and myself, I forged ahead with my vision to be a successful woman in business, despite the costs and denying the barriers!

“I needed a courageous career conversation and found the resources limited in and out of organizations!"

I started to doubt my career and life path! I knew it was time to start my path to a more formalized leadership role, the next level. I had little mentorship, or formal feedback in and out of organizations. In my quest for success, my role models were mainly male of feedback from females that painted a vision of needing to make choices that I was not convinced was the right path for me. What did success meant to me? This same month was met with some personal crises, including the death of a dear friend, acutely reminding me of earlier unresolved issues. I was in a full-blown identity crisis and feeling like a failure! I put on my bravest face and trekked to work, completely disengaged. I needed a trusting, safe, compassionate space to have a candid career conversation about what it meant to be a woman in business. I craved frank feedback from a nonjudgmental place of honesty. The journey has taken many twists and turns! Ultimately, the feedback came from simply loving me while listening and having a conversation with my own inner leader. Women must advocate for their needs based on their own definition of success.

My Validation: Listening leads to Radical Self –Awareness 

While sitting on the concrete steps outside of my work building, a monarch butterfly flew several inches from my head. It was not a common occurrence, so it caught my attention! Its beautiful colors, in contrast to the grey cement and my feelings of confusion, caused me to breathe and take in this wonderful creature. For a split second, I felt a sense of peace and curiosity that I remembered having as a child. The butterfly, perhaps in my vulnerable state, was my change catalyst. I heard the message of hope, change and to TRUST my inner leader! See giveaway link

I accepted this gift!

It was at this point, that I took an amazing leap of faith into the gift of self-discovery, meditation, connecting with conscious living, compassion, gratitude, and searched for an integrated life of joy! My leadership journey may not be orthodox but it will be meaningful and an expression of my WHY!


My journey has been making the seemingly impossible, possible! I quit my job and started my own business. I followed my inner leadership voice and my life has never been the same. I reconnected with my love of nature and took many reflective walks around Blomidon, Nova Scotia, exploring many different paths both figuratively and spiritually. I attended self-discovery workshops, found my vision, and started to really get to know me. After some trials and tribulations, failures and successes, even the ones that felt insurmountable- did not STOP this woman from EMERGING STRONG!

My journey and learnings is my gift of love and I want to give it to you! In today’s world women (and men) are more than ever realizing they are the CEO of their own lives in and out of organizations! We are all leaders if we choose to be!


My authentic personal leadership brand expression will deepen and change, as I deepen and change! I am devoted to continuing to build leadership capacity, defining success on my own terms and aligning my work with clients, contracts, joint ventures, and organisations while staying true to my purpose, values, strengths and self- trust.

I realized that what I am most passionate about is supporting other people, especially women, in learning how to EMERGE STRONG as resilient aligned leaders! I want everyone to experience the happiness and strength that I’ve now created in my life.

I consider my business leadership journey a road to conscious living and learning. Will you join me?

“Leadership is a performing art and the instrument is the self”Kouzes & Posner


I’m a life-long learner, a Credentialed Executive Career Coach with the International Coach Federation, a Social and Emotional Intelligence Coach and graduate of the Royal Roads University Executive Coaching program with a host of other credentials (Click Here for My Credentials).

My background includes over 20 years’ experience coaching, training, consulting and managing in both small and large corporations, non-profits, government, and small business. I work with both individuals and organizations to design career and leadership solutions. I have had the pleasure of working with people from all walks of life. My career path as an Executive Career Coach has exposed me to multiple industries and projects from Healthcare, Government, Information Technology, Tourism and so much more. I walk my talk, and will bring my love of nature, mindfulness, and play into our leadership journey-if you’d like

I have a keen interest in the areas of neuro-leadership, social and emotional intelligence, positive psychology and how all of these disciplines contribute to the world of Professional Coaching. I have a firm belief that asking questions is the EMERGING way to change thinking. The way we learned in the past is not the complete picture. We want sustained change in our beliefs and attitudes so that we thrive as leaders in changing and chaotic environments! According to David Rock and other thought leaders such as Barbara Frederickson: the simple sharing of knowledge or facts is not enough to generate changes in thinking. This change process is most effectively managed by questions!

So what’s next for you?

I am here to listen, I promise you will be seen and heard. I will be your trusted partner.

I do not believe in a “one-size-fits all” program to build career and leadership capacity. Together we will conduct a thorough needs analysis, use multi-faceted tools, and build an uncluttered process tailored to your individual goals, visions, and action steps. In this way, we can create a plan that guides you towards achieving your own career success and personal leadership goals.

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