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As an Emerging Leader you have progressed in your career and feel after some feedback or your own observations that you have found there are gaps in your learning, knowledge or skills, or you want to leverage your strengths to take on new challenges. Perhaps you’ve reached a plateau, want to regain a competitive edge, hone your leadership skills, or maybe you are questioning whether you even want to continue on your current path.


You resonate with the statement “It’s true what they say: it’s lonely at the top”. Sometimes leaders just need an objective, knowledgeable, neutral sounding board or a strategic thinking partner with whom they can discuss their challenges, opportunities, how to leverage their strengths, overcome vulnerabilities, or plan a course of action


Together we will to slow down to succeed to embrace self-awareness and insight, and encourage the emerging SUPERPOWER of self-awareness.


We start by observing your current situation so that I can help you see where you are today. I take a mindful compassionate yet challenging approach towards sustainable leadership-it’s a partnership.


I make space for you to lead and develop.




Individuals and Organizational leaders who recognize the need for career conversations for a variety of reasons:


· From succession planning, promotions, retirements, manager to leader and other career changes.


· All programs are customized and lead to increased productivity & engagement to meet bottom line results.




- SO YOU -




Executive Coaching is designed to equip emerging leaders with the know-how to navigate the invigorating and rewarding but often challenging world of leadership. Coaching ensures that emerging leaders – like you – soar through their leadership journey with courage, impact, and energy from the very beginning. You will increase your level of confidence both professionally and personally, expanding your aspirations to a new level… your way!


You’re emerging into your leadership realm of possibility for yourself and the people you serve. Let’s continue to build your competencies and your leadership capacity and mindset.


Together we build your leadership capacity and competencies that will supercharge your leadership journey to a level of mastery. When you master just some of these competencies you will be on the path to becoming a successful leader.


These competencies are:


· Resilience

· Vision

· Ability to Motivate and Inspire

· Passion

· Self-confidence

· Communication Skills


Together, we can build your Master Competencies and more, it really is that simple!


I know it can be hard when YOU encounter…


· The mandate to impact the company’s bottom-line without burning out and staying aligned with political and relationship requirements

· You are stretched to “do more with less.” This can produce overwhelm, which is felt not only by you, the executive/leadership team but by those who you lead and manage

· A lack of supportive supervisors and mentors

· Exclusion from informal networks

· A lack of senior/business role models that resemble you

· A bullying work environment or an unkind culture

· Failure of senior leadership to help advance someone “like yourself”. You may not “fit-the-mold"

· Conflicts in your everyday life, such as choosing or prioritizing family over work

· A backseat mentality: choosing projects that are not visible or high profile

· Difficulty knowing when to say “no”


With our trusted partnership, we set new goals for your career advancement! To support your message as an emerging leader, we review and practice master competencies. We translate your career development plan into action!





 · Continue to communicate your message as an emerging leader

· See Leadership as an attitude, and not just a title

· Initiate and take risks

· Gain recognition for your accomplishments

· Address your urgent and often frustrating leadership challenges

· Make your value visible

· Navigate organizational politics with savvy

· Create a strategic network of influence

· Gain access to hidden resources and opportunities

· Identify and lead high-profile projects

· Lead others with or without direct authority

· Think outside the lines


Together, let’s imagine your next steps to deepen your emotional intelligent competencies, mindset, resiliency, and self- awareness.


Together, let’s harness your leadership power from the stillness of self-awareness.


You established your message as an emerging leader and are now taking charge of your leadership path!


This is a 6-12 month program that will give you tons of support on your leadership journey. We meet weekly or biweekly (depending on your customized plan) and review your emerging competencies. Together we tackle your leadership challenges so you can consistently move forward.


When we’re finished, you will have a clear vision of where you’re headed; your vision, goals, and the action steps needed to propel you forward.


I do not believe in a “one size fits all” program to build leadership capacity. We will conduct a thorough needs analysis, use multi-faceted tools, and build an uncluttered process tailored to you. We will utilize the DISC profile, SEIP profile, VIA Survey of Character Strengths, 360 Narrative and other assessments as needed.  We can also offer a choice of Emotional Intelligent workshops. These may include stress management, powerful influencing skills, realistic optimism, honing awareness and understanding of ourselves and others, teamwork and collaboration, developing and coaching others, managing conflict, innovation, building trust, catalyzing change, and many more. 


On-going coaching and these workshops further reinforces the learning and supports individual executives and leaders in integrating new leadership practices in the work place.


We look at your individual goals, visions, and action steps. We can create a plan that guides you, step-by-step, toward achieving your own career success and personal leadership goals.

I invite you to start today!

 You will shift into a “possibility perspective” where awareness, curious exploration, the power of choice, and intentional action lead to the claiming of new territory lead to your desired vision. 

Click on the calendar below to fill out the following form and we will connect for a 15-minute phone conversation to confirm this is the program for you and your organization. All payment requirements are addressed in the free 15-minute session. 

We also offer a variety of Lunch and Learn Leadership Topics via ZOOM and off-site in a beautiful lakefront city atmosphere.