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Leadership and Career Accountability™

 Individuals and Organizations who recognize the need for career conversations for a variety of reasons, from succession planning, promotions, retirements, manager to leader and other career changes. All programs are customized and lead to increased productivity, engagement to meet bottom line results.

A Coaching partnership becomes your best-kept secret
– so you-
No longer will be the best-kept secret in your organization or business venture!

Congratulations on completing 90 DAYS TO Leadership YOU™ which supported designing your Leadership Brand message. Finding the leader in you starts with allowing your authentic leadership brand to EMERGE STRONG!

Leadership and Career Accountability™
: is
designed to equip emerging women leaders with the know-how to navigate the invigorating and rewarding but often challenging world of leadership. Coaching ensures that emerging women leaders –like you– soar through their leadership journey with courage, impact, and energy from the very beginning. You will increase your level of confidence both professionally and personally, expanding your aspirations to a new level… your way!

This transformation into leadership is an exciting one! Faced with this new venture, you will need to refer often to your Communication Strategy and go deeper, developing your Career and Leadership Development Plan. I’m here to partner with you. Together, we create your space to be motivated and prepared to inspire and motivate others. So what do you need?

Being equipped with your “Why” and Life Purpose – leading to your Leadership Brand – allows you to express who you are and what you stand for as a leader. With this key foundation, you will survive and thrive with any leadership challenge.

Many of you will find this new milestone an exciting time as we continue to calm our mind chatter by delving deeper into your authentic leadership brand. Moving unrestricted into your leadership journey brings you closer to mindset change(s) resulting in a new level of self-awareness and accountability. This is a time for us to celebrate you! You’re emerging into your leadership realm of possibility for yourself and the people you serve. Let’s continue to build your competencies and your leadership capacity and mindset.

With Leadership and Career Accountability™ we build your leadership capacity and competencies that will supercharge your leadership journey to a level of mastery. Mastering your leadership journey means remaining centered in your brand with a trusted coach. Coaching reminds you to practice your calming habits. It helps you stay accountable to your communication, career, and leadership development plans. It keeps you focused on your brand promise. When you master just some of these competencies you will be on the path to becoming a successful leader. These competencies are:

  • Resilience

  • Vision

  • Ability to Motivate and Inspire

  • Passion

  • Self-confidence

  • Communication Skills

Together, we can build your Master Competencies and more, it really is that simple!

Let me explain:

I am quite frankly worried by this new trend to invite women to “act like women” and for men to start to “think like a woman” in leadership. Let’s seek to first understand and really LISTEN, then we can decide if this is an accurate description fitting your unique leadership journey. The gift of our coaching- is the courageous conversation that results when we give ourselves the permission to be curious!

You bring your natural strengths. Your leadership brand and our partnership are designed to communicate and deliver your unique message while building the leadership capacity you need. I want you so connected to your personal leadership brand that you can emerge from our coaching sessions centered and able to rise above the more masculine frameworks and philosophies of leadership to BE who you need to BE so you can advocate beyond what is seen as possible. Your burning vision must be firm and held deep in your bones. You need to be aware of all leadership styles and have organizational awareness but start with your own radical self-awareness to leadership capacity. Embrace your inner leader of intuition!

I know it can be hard when we encounter…

  • A lack of supportive supervisors and mentors

  • Exclusion from informal networks

  • A lack of senior/business role models that resemble you

  • A bullying work environment or an unkind culture

  • Failure of senior leadership to help advance someone “like yourself”.  You may not “fit-the-mold”, but what leader does?

  • Conflicts in your everyday life, such as choosing or prioritizing family over work

  • A backseat mentality: choosing projects that are not visible or high profile

  • Difficulty knowing when to say “no”

It can be even worse when you are highly intuitive – your insight may even create a barrier instead of being a gift. Together we can learn to express this in a way that is productive and recognized as a strength.

Leadership and Career Accountability™ will be your best-kept secret

-so you-

No longer will be the best-kept secret in your organization or business venture!

You have established your brand as an emerging leader and are ready to take charge of your career and leadership path!

With our trusted partnership, we set new goals for your career advancement! To support your brand as an emerging leader, we review and practice master competencies. We translate your career development plan into action!


You’ll have my support to:

  • Continue to communicate your brand as an emerging leader

  • See Leadership as an attitude, and not just a title

  • Initiate and take risks

  • Gain recognition for your accomplishments

  • Address your urgent and often frustrating leadership challenges

  • Make your value visible

  • Navigate organizational politics with savvy

  • Create a strategic network of influence

  • Gain access to hidden resources and opportunities

  • Identify and lead high-profile projects

  • Lead others with or without direct authority

  • Think outside the lines

Together, let’s imagine your next steps to deepen your emotional intelligent competencies, mindset, resiliency, and self- awareness. Together, let’s harness your leadership power from the stillness of self-awareness.

You established your brand as an emerging leader and are now taking charge of your leadership path!

The most powerful benefit of this program is that it supports you to advocate for inclusion so that you can contribute to the diversity of your organization, your community and your business venture(s)!

Leadership and Career Accountability™ is a 6-12 month program that will give you tons of support on your leadership journey. We meet weekly or biweekly (depending on your customized plan) and review your emerging competencies. In Leadership and Career Accountability™ we tackle your leadership challenges so you can consistently move forward. When we’re finished, you will have a clear vision of where you’re headed, your goals, and the action steps needed to propel you forward. I do not believe in a “one size fits all” program to build leadership capacity. In Leadership and Career Accountability™ we will conduct a thorough needs analysis, use multi-faceted tools, and build an uncluttered process tailored to you. We look at your individual goals, visions, and action steps. We can create a plan that guides you, step-by-step, toward achieving your own career success and personal leadership goals. I invite you to start today.

Click on the calendar below to fill out the following form and we will connect for a 30-minute phone conversation to confirm that Leadership and Career Accountability™ is the program for you and your organization.