Calm power™ : Career & Leadership Mindset Training

CALM Power™ Career and Leadership Mindset TRAINING

 The intention is developing the Leadership Competency and MINDSET of  Resiliency

 so you will withstand storms and winds in your everyday leadership journey!

We partner with you to create the space to grow even  GREATER RESILIENCE & FOCUS to prepare you for challenging times.

We take a coaching and facilitative approach designed to bring balance to your emerging leadership practice! Through a combination and blend of neuroscience, coaching, positive psychology, social and emotional intelligence, and  strong mindfulness techniques we will grow 



One of the most reliable predictors of effective leadership is your ability to find meaning in negative events, learn from trying circumstances, and inspire others through a tenacious belief in life and learning. Bennis & Joan Goldsmith

Extraordinary leaders, conquer adversity and


Emerging leaders are often thrust into situations where they are faced with challenging circumstances, unimagined busyness and often unrealistic expectations. As a leader with a vision, you need to learn to embrace the “full catastrophe” of your leadership journey and embrace the learnings and joy leadership will bring to you! 

When we experience too much adversity, with limited resilience, negative emotions trigger the brain into a fight-flight response, which results in narrow focus, reduced productivity, feeling of stuckness and limited coping. We compromise our ability to adapt and get things done! Worse we may make decisions without seeing the entire picture!

Instead learn how your brain works! The executive functioning skills are key to the power and focus that all leaders desire! The amazing news is coaching trains our brain so we become better problem solvers, decision makers and focussed leaders!  

This is not about perfection, this is about embracing the way our brain works and developing strategies and new ways of thinking to show up with leadership Superpowers to EMERGE STRONG!

“Conquering adversity — and emerging stronger than ever — makes for extraordinary leaders.“

What are the benefits?

· An understanding of your Social and Emotional Intelligence Profile… click here for more details

· An amazing safe compassionate space to explore your own awareness

· An introduction to Strong Mindfulness with space for healing and forgiveness

· A 360 strength branding report and strength spotting

· A boost in personal power and an improvement in meaningful conversations

· A personalized leadership manifesto

· Development of action plans for further growth

· Better ability to focus on priorities

“Emotional Intelligence is much more powerful than IQ in determining who emerges as a leader. IQ is a threshold competence. You need it, but it doesn’t make you a star. Emotional Intelligence can.” WARREN BENNIS, AUTHOR OF ON BECOMING A LEADER.

The Health and Wellness Case For CALM Power:

People with resiliency

•Get fewer colds and illnesses 

  •Have fewer symptoms and suffer less pain when they do fall ill 

  •Have lower risk of chronic disease (heart disease, stroke, diabetes, immune disorders) 

  •Live longer! 

  •Dr. B. Fredrickson, Distinguished Professor, University of North Carolina, Positivity, 2009 •Cohen, S. & Doherty, R., Psychological Bulletin, 2005

How is CALM Power normally delivered:

  Twelve, 60-minute, one-on-one, private and/or group confidential coaching calls. Once we have agreed to work together we will choose the right coaching experience for you. I understand people need flexibility these days. I am available through Skype, phone, webinars and conference calls or in person.  Day retreats for up to 10 particpants.
  Lunch and Learns are also offered. 

    • Click on the calendar below to fill out the following form and we will connect for a 15-minute phone conversation to confirm this is the program for you and your organization. All payment requirements are addressed in the free 15-minute session.

We also offer a variety of Lunch and Learn Leadership Topics via ZOOM and off-site in a beautiful lakefront city atmosphere.