The Coaching Nest: Welcome to my Deepening Journey

By Shelley

Two years ago, I sensed a deeper vision emerging, so I prototyped a possible innovative space for high performing women to emerge into their natural leadership essence. I wrote about this adventure in my blog I used a spare room and filled it with sacred objects that held meaning and purpose toward my journey. Each day, I remained grateful for this room and the feeling it evoked. The prototype became my 3D vision board. See the picture below and my article From WOOWOO to Bold Goals.

I took action to go toward this dream. Very quickly, circumstances aligned so that two years later this prototyped room is now my new office, on a lake, with an amazing property to host high performing women to slow down, and envision what needs to emerge next in their journey! I am called to help women open their hearts and minds and then act to move forward. I am now in the process of rebranding towards this new entity that will be unveiled in the beginning of September 2019! Here is just one picture showing the essence of my new entity-The Coaching Nest!

“We are all on a journey that connects us more deeply both to what wants to emerge in the world and to our emerging higher self”- Otto Scharmer