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By Shelley



It’s February already! How are those Bold Goals coming along? Not the ones that keep you busy and on a treadmill, but those bigger moves that propel you toward your vision for both work and life! I tend to find the entire New Year’s Resolution fun but overused, so I take time in February to revisit my Vision Board. Normally, I have a Vision Board that is a reflection of all areas of my life, from family, spiritual, and material desires to business. The central theme always remains the same: I am already powerfully grateful for all that I am today. My Vision Board is an expression of what I want to extend to this world.

I started this practice 10 years ago and was skeptical at first. I got excited as I put lots of energy into my pretty pictures, hopes, and dreams. It’s fun to be creative and be reminded that we have choices in all areas of our lives. After my vision was complete, I wrote my goals and action steps in a different binder. Often serendipitous occurrences helped me achieve many of them. These moments of celebration gave me faith and hope to follow my path despite obstacles that pop up along the way.

I still questioned the validity at times, especially when I feel some goals just were not happening, at least not as quickly as I would have liked… here come the expectations! I rest knowing that once I set the vision, have goals and move forward, it all happens in its perfect time.

Have you ever made a Vision Board?

A Vision Board is a creative physical and visual reminder of your vision, dreams, goals, values, the why and where you are going.

I’m changing my Vision Board intention this year to reflect my clarity and focus around my why, vision, and mission for my new business look and identity. I’m “All In” as Arlene Dickinson would say! I’ve deepened my leadership commitment toward financial freedom and wealth. Money may not be the most important thing in the world, yet I have been able to make many changes and contributions in my community and life as I open my heart to an abundance mentality. Eric Butterworth says, “If you think positively and creatively about your money, you actually multiply its effectiveness. What are some positive, creative thoughts and actions you can take in relation to your current financial goals?”

As leaders, we need to exemplify a courageous mindset as we progress towards our visions, including confidence that the resources and money will flow to us when needed. For me, this mindset starts with a Vision Board, goals, and a peaceful knowing that the money will appear, just the way it is intended. Being aware I am full of subconscious programming, especially around money, reminds me to stay centered on being grateful while not limiting my thoughts and emotions with the ideas of scarcity. Self–sabotage is no stranger to us business owners. We are also labeled as “profit seekers” which can trigger our own and others ideas of what we truly value. You and I may feel guilt, disheartened or greedy which can block the energy of our passionate path and flow. It’s been my experience that a Vision Board takes me visually and energetically back to a mindset of leadership and a reminder of my own unique why.

My Vision Board is my evolving story of me. Small Business Leadership is the path that I have chosen to grow, learn, succeed, fail, have fun with, and inspire. It’s my flow experience; The Psychology of Optimal Experience describes how this pleasurable state can be controlled, and not just left to chance, by setting ourselves challenges–tasks that are neither too difficult nor too simple for our abilities. With such goals, we learn to order the information that enters consciousness and thereby improve the quality of our lives.

How to Make a Vision Board

A quick Google search will lead you to countless Vision Board examples and techniques, but here’s what I recommend:

1. Clarify your vision, mission, and goals. Use pictures and words to represent these.

2. Attach your pictures and words onto poster board. Keep your goals/ intentions clear as you remain positive and playful making your board. This is a place to dream and know you are moving forward with choice, confidence, and fun.

That’s it! My why is right in the middle of my board to keep me both centered and grounded. You can make your board as detailed or simple as you’d like, but that’s really all there is to it!

How to USE Your Vision Board

Keep your board in a visible space where you’ll see it frequently. I keep mine in my office and look at it daily. If I start to question why I’m doing something or my focus begins to wander, my Vision Board reminds me of my purpose and direction.

Please never fall so in love with your board that you believe not meeting your goals means failure. This is a recommended tool and technique only. We all fail, we learn and adjust. Also, the unexpected can happen. I’ve taken an entire year away from my business due to family health concerns. I remodeled my vision board that year. I honored and became grateful for the learning opportunity. It was difficult at first, you bet! But it was needed for my journey ahead, definitely. How we deal with these unexpected situations is one of the things that shapes us. I embrace all of me, and leaders like you are recommended to do the same. These so-called failures make us unique, courageous and provide great stories to inspire others. My clients love to hear about my successes, but we connect through our adversity also. It’s never a straight line to your vision. Would you really want it to be? The key is to use your Vision Board as a reminder of your FLOW power, vision, goals and action steps ….not woo-woo, just helpful.

Through learning we grow, becoming more than we were before, and in that sense, learning is unselfish, because it results in the transformation of what we were before, a setting aside of the old self in favor of a more complex one.

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi