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By Shelley



Listen to your FREE Community Call, where the focus is on breathing, and building a CALM Anchor. Enjoy!

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How does breathing make good business sense? Let’s think back to a time when you met with a client, associate, or potential partner. Perhaps that day you were bouncing from meeting to meeting, barely giving yourself a chance to breathe. We have all experienced the distracted and unprepared business owner. Many of us have played that role ourselves. It’s important to ask yourself the following: How do you think your client perceived you? Is there a way that you could have been more present? It’s difficult to focus our attention on others when our mind chatter or preoccupation with our own situation is our priority. Truly listening to the needs of others is a number one ingredient in communication. However, in order to do this, we need to be focused and mindful.

I was startled when I read that Alice Domar, director of the Harvard Medical School’s Division of Behavioral Medicine, says the average American has 50 “fight or flight” responses every single day. That means that 50 times a day, our bodies are jolted by increased breathing, muscle tension, blood pressure and heart rate. This presents a huge challenge to our mental clarity! To start decreasing this challenge we need to reawaken something positive.


To put breathing in perspective, we take about 24,000 breaths daily. Being aware of our breathing even 3 times a day is reasonable. Continued practice is required in order to make abdominal breathing natural. The correct way to breathe is to fully fill our lungs with air. You should see your lower belly rise. This skill is inborn but often lies dormant! As business owners, we need to stay centered in calm so that our clients, potential partners, and associates feel that we truly care and are listening to their needs. Again, I’m sharing the link above to my last Community Call, where the focus was on breathing, and building a CALM Anchor. Click the link below:

Having a CALM Anchor is extremely important to me! It helps me to do a total ‘switcheroo’ when it comes to stressful situations, in both my outlook and my decision making. Making a decision using your head is not something I’d recommend. Instead, decisions should come from your heart with dashes of emotional intelligence. Decision-making must come from CALM Power and the spirit within you. Know that you have the power over your choices!

After Shelley’s meditation, I am full of energy, creative thought, clarity, light on my feet. I am engaged in work and life. Woohoo!!!

Dana, Canada